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PowerX Hyperchager

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PowerX HyperchagerPowerX Hyperchager

Key Features

Ultrafast EV charger powered
by the largest battery capacity
in Japan

Up to 240kW of high power output
for ultrafast charging

The battery-integrated PowerX Hypercharger can charge at high power output (max 240kW) while operating with a low-voltage (200V) electrical connection. This allows for ultrafast EV charging without the need for costly high-voltage infrastructure and complicated construction.

Key FeaturesKey Features

Made in Japan Quality

Domestic production
of high-quality,
cost-efficient battery storage

The only domestic productthat meets Japan's “Storage Parity"*

No domestic supplier has been able to deliver large and high-performance energy storage that meets "Storage Parity." PowerX will be the first to produce high-capacity, cost-competitive battery storage on a GW scale.

*“Storage Parity” is the state where it is more economical to install energy storage systems than not installing them.

Made in Japan QualityMade in Japan Quality

Smart UX

Seamless user experience
to reserve, monitor,
and manage EV charging

From reservation to payment- all done in no time

With the PowerX app, users can easily reserve EV charging and monitor data such as battery conditions and energy consumption in real-time thanks to PowerX's proprietary cloud system.

Smart UXSmart UX


Certified battery solution to
guarantee safety and usability

Superior safety and long cycle life

PowerX Hypercharger utilizes LFP batteries, which are known for their safety, longevity, and superior thermal stability compared to ternary lithium-ion batteries such as NMC and NCA batteries.
PowerX Hypercharger's 6,000+ cycles will enable the configuration of secondary or tertiary usage.

Made in Japan QualityMade in Japan Quality


Highest standards of safety
and security in every respect

Domestic cloud services

All PowerX battery systems are equipped with 100% domestically developed software to ensure secure data management that complies with Japan's Economic Security Promotion Act.

Made in Japan QualityMade in Japan Quality


Modern and minimal aesthetics
with enhanced functionality

Aesthetic designthat complements its surroundings

The design of PowerX Hypercharger is inspired by sleek geometric aesthetics that can harmonize with any installation location, enabling a brand new EV charging experience.

Made in Japan QualityMade in Japan Quality



ESS Unit

Datasheet Request

Max Continuous
Peak (〜10 min)
Power Output
Power Input
200V AC 3phase; max input power 50KW
ESS Chemistry
Total Energy
CHAdeMO 1.2 & 2.0, IEC62477, IEC61000, IEC61851, IEC62196, JIS C8715, JIS C 4441(IEC62933), IEC61851, IEC62196, and more

● The output value is for charging one EV; the output value will be halved when charging two EVs simultaneously. ● Technical specifications and cost of the mass production products are subject to change. ● Actual battery performance will depend on the usage, surrounding temperature, and other factors. Contact PowerX for additional information.

Dispenser Unit

Datasheet Request

CHAdeMO 1.2 & 2.0

Please refer to the ESS unit datasheet for electrical specification

● Actual battery performance will vary depending on the usage, surrounding temperature, and other factors. Contact PowerX for additional information. 
● Technical specifications of the mass production products are subject to change.

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